12-Month Assistance Programme Has Been Launched to Improve Work Safety & Health

Companies wishing to make health and safety on working places better will receive help under the framework of a 1-year programme created by a specialized Tripartite Oversight Committee. This was announced on July 19.

Under the new programme, firms will be guided while fulfilling a 3-stage approach which should ensure health and safety on workplaces. These 3 stages include assessment (identifying risks and gaps), intervention (addressing these risks), monitoring and evaluation.

Companies incorporated in some spheres (in particular, construction and manufacturing) will be able to get complimentary consultations, while implementing the abovementioned phases.

Representatives of Ministry of Manpower (MOM) expressed a positive attitude to this programme. In March, Sats company shared its experience in teaching employees to maintain proper posture and improve skills of lifting heavy items. Their CEO claimed that the company spent a lot of money on this move, however, it paid back due to fewer work days lost and more employees engaged.

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